Margil is an apple varietal that is small in size but big in flavor. I like to think that the Margil stitch pattern is easy to execute, but has a big visual impact. The slipped stitches add a lovely texture to the fabric, while also helping to keep variegated yarns from pooling. Each garment takes one skein of sport weight Silky Merino, so they work up fast and feel fabulous. The silk definitely feels luxurious, especially in middle of winter when your skin feels like it needs a little pampering.


The mitts are available in three sizes. The stitch pattern is mirrored, so the swirls swirl towards each other.



The hat uses the same stitch pattern and I happen to love the way the slipped stitches cluster at the crown. It is sized from newborn- adult large.


Or buy both!

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Rainbows Aren’t Really Known For Their Flavor

(note, I don’t watch MLP, but the quote fit so nicely)

So, I have this friend who is pretty awesome. So awesome that I knit a baby sweater and a hat for her baby shower. The baby, nicknamed Sparrow, is a complete cutie pie. So, when my friend said that she wanted to commission a baby blanket, I was super happy to comply. (Especially since said friend also didn’t run away laughing when I told her how much a baby blanket would end up costing, and she still likes me.)

Many emails about yarn and patterns later we had a plan. I used the Three Irish Girls Spiral Baby Blanket as a starting point, modifying it only slightly.

Rainbow baby blanket closeup

She chose the yarn, Three Irish Girls Springvale Merino in Everlasting Gobstopper, and I think it is perfect. So bright and cheery!

Rainbow baby blanket

Instead of a ruffle, I opted for an i-cord bind off.

Rainbow baby blanket- detail

In all, I used almost three skeins (part of the third was for a little matching hat, to be revealed later).
Rainbow baby blanket

I feel like it was a nice blending of yarn and pattern, since you certainly wouldn’t want anything much more patterned given the high intensity of the yarn.  Little Sparrow seemed to like it, she was happily gnawing on the edging when I gave it to her, and I think her parents like it to. Win!

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The Quiet Moments

The holidays are over and I finally seem to have some space to think for a little bit. The boys are so active and so demanding (both a good and challenging thing), it is nice to have some time just to pause and reflect on the past year. It seemed to go by so quickly. And well, so did the first month, since here we are three days away from the end of it, and I’m just now getting to sit and write.

We did so many things last year, and there were many firsts. Charlie started walking, Henry started school, we took our first family vacation, we got chickens, and the hundreds of other little things that happened.

It was my last year of having a baby in the house. It was likely my last year of manageable grocery bills (I’m looking at you, Mr. 4 Eggs for Breakfast). It was my last year of not having a kid in school for the next two decades or so.

I’m very excited about the coming year. I’ve got some fun knitting projects on the horizon, and hopefully we can do some more fun things with boys. Got to get in those family outings while they still enjoy our company! 🙂

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Petite Purls- Colorwork Issue

I am in love with some of the designs in the latest Petite Purls.
For instance, Go Bananas:
Go Bananas
(pattern by Jessica Anderson, photo by Brandy Fortune)
How cute is that?? Just adorable. I especially love it, because H’s nursery was all sock monkeys. They hold a special place in my heart.

Next, Belle:
(pattern and photo by Megan Grewal)
Very unisex, very customizable. I love the neutral paired with just a splash of color. Plus, yoke neck sweaters are fun to knit!

Finally, this sweater, Chunky Rainbow, combines two of my favorite things, interesting construction and Noro:
chunky rainbow
(pattern by Emily Wessel, photo by Alexa Ludeman)
I may have to actually buy some chunky yarn to make this for one of my boys. Super cute and unexpected.

Go check out the rest of the issue!

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It’s Beginning to Feel Like Fall

The weather here in Texas is finally in the 70s regularly (even though today and tomorrow are still supposed to be in the 80s, sigh), and I’m starting to regain some of my knitting mojo that got stashed away during the hot summer months.

This year is the first time that I’ve opened myself up to commission knitting. I’m working on 7 stockings, 6 hats, 2 blankets, 1 scarf, and 20 coffee cozies. I’m making really good progress on most of it. Due, in large part, to C finally napping consistently and H’s pick-up line at pre-k. It feels good to be knitting regularly again.

I also whipped up a new hat for H and my husband. They are both variations on a theme.


The husband also got matching mittens to use with his scooter. Because even if it is only 60 degrees in the morning, the wind is cold when you are going 40mph without anything on your hands.

I’ve also been busy in the kitchen. This is the second batch of apple butter, and oh my is it yummy.
Mmm, apple butter

And there is design work happening, but likely none of it will see the outside world until after the new year. I’m crossing my fingers for before, but I’m not terribly optimistic.

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Deep thoughts

How can two awesome knitting things (knitting in the round + garter stitch) equal one not awesome thing (knitting garter stitch in the round)??

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Charlie’s Polo

Trying to knit anything for my boys to wear in summer is challenging. So, when I was trying to figure out what to submit to Petite Purls for their Summer/School issue, I kept thinking about what kind of knit would be appropriate enough that they could wear it during at least part of the Texas summer.
I came up with this polo. I like that it is slightly oversized (just slightly) so that when they run and play, there is plenty of airflow. And, the colors are customized for each of my little guys.
If you look on the Petite Purls page, you’ll also notice that H had a drastic hair cut between pictures. I never wanted/intended to cut his hair, but there was a scissor incident. 😦 I’ve gotten used to it now, but it certainly took awhile for me to adjust to his new look.

I am thinking of knitting another for C in a solid color, but it may have to wait until after the holiday knitting is finished.

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