A surgery in pictures.

Step 1- assess the problem:

Clearly, this wasn’t going to work. The hat, as written and knitted, only came to the tops of my ears. Not really the look I was hoping for.

Step 2- Prepare for incision:


I chose a row, and carefully picked up all the stitches onto a cable needle. Make sure that you are picking up the same row throughout the body of the hat.

Step 3- Snip and Rip-

Here I have chosen the stitch to snip and cut through one leg.

Here is the hole opened up a bit.

Step 4- Continue to open the incision:
As you work your way around the hat, put the live stitches onto dpns or a cable needle (I had dpns right there, so I grabbed them instead of hunting for another circular needle.)

Step 5- Add the necessary length:

After I had secured all the live stitches, I rejoined the working yarn to the top of the hat and knit for about two and half inches.

Step 6- Begin to rejoin:
Get settled in. Put on a nice movie or tv show. Begin to kitchner the live stitches together. (I had 108 and it took a fair bit of time, maybe 2 hours?)

Step 7- Keep going!:
The finished stitches may need a bit of manipulation to look nice, but it is definitely worth it.

Step 8- Have a drink:
Congratulations! You didn’t kill yourself, your knitting, or others.

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4 Responses to Surgery

  1. Thank for a peek into Surgery 101!

  2. Kristyn says:

    Wow I am impressed!

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