Coop, revisited



Coop Deux is finished (mostly). It took the better part of a week, and a lot of help from friends, but it is done.



We used plans from The Garden Coop, which I highly recommend. The plans are detailed, well written, and easy to understand. We found this coop on From Our Garden, which I like reading because they are doing the same things we want to be doing in our yard. Plus, they are in the same general area of TX, so it’s nice to see some of our options worked out in real life.







So far, the big girls love it! ChickLit still having some trouble with the new ladder up to the roosts, so we’ll probably make some modifications there.


The biggest things we still need to do are get the roost (where the girls sleep) up a bit more off the floor, and replace the nesting boxes (where they lay their eggs). These nesting boxes were donated by a friend, and I love the way they look, but the girls really do not like laying in them.

If you are so inclined, you can help us rebuild the flock here


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