Sad Day

Today is a hard day. I got back from taking the boys to the zoo and quick trip to Lowes (and having a great time at both), and noticed the smell of wood burning. I left the boys in the car to open up our fence, and saw smoke. I ran to the back yard, where I found the coop on fire. I ran for the hose and put out the fire. Got the boys inside, fed them lunch, went back outside to put out more of the fire. Came back inside, got the boys down for nap/rest time, and finally got everything to stop smoldering. Cleaned up, Steve got home, we built a quick a-frame for the big girls to stay in tonight. I am so sad for the little girls, who were spending the day outside in the sunshine. And I am sad for the coop, which was a great reminder of the help and hard-work of friends. Our best guess is that the heat lamp malfunctioned in some way. My husband and I are still in shock, but the boys seem to be handling things well. (C doesn’t really notice that the little girls are gone and H just asked if we could get more chicks.)

burned coop

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