Rainbows Aren’t Really Known For Their Flavor

(note, I don’t watch MLP, but the quote fit so nicely)

So, I have this friend who is pretty awesome. So awesome that I knit a baby sweater and a hat for her baby shower. The baby, nicknamed Sparrow, is a complete cutie pie. So, when my friend said that she wanted to commission a baby blanket, I was super happy to comply. (Especially since said friend also didn’t run away laughing when I told her how much a baby blanket would end up costing, and she still likes me.)

Many emails about yarn and patterns later we had a plan. I used the Three Irish Girls Spiral Baby Blanket as a starting point, modifying it only slightly.

Rainbow baby blanket closeup

She chose the yarn, Three Irish Girls Springvale Merino in Everlasting Gobstopper, and I think it is perfect. So bright and cheery!

Rainbow baby blanket

Instead of a ruffle, I opted for an i-cord bind off.

Rainbow baby blanket- detail

In all, I used almost three skeins (part of the third was for a little matching hat, to be revealed later).
Rainbow baby blanket

I feel like it was a nice blending of yarn and pattern, since you certainly wouldn’t want anything much more patterned given the high intensity of the yarn.  Little Sparrow seemed to like it, she was happily gnawing on the edging when I gave it to her, and I think her parents like it to. Win!

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2 Responses to Rainbows Aren’t Really Known For Their Flavor

  1. ptrgrl28 says:

    This is magnificent/gorgeous/awesome and so are you! You are a so very talented, hard-working artist!

  2. ptrgrl28 says:

    This is gorgeous, awesome and magnificent, just like you! You are a talented, hard-working artist and mom. I am so very proud of you!

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