It’s Saturday morning. Cat in the Hat is annoyingly singing his theme song on the TV. I’ve been up since 5, which is way too early as I didn’t get to bed until 11:45, then had to deal with cats fighting at 2 and a husband snoring loudly at 3. I still need to go let the chicken out of her coop. She’s probably protesting loudly by now.

Hopefully we will make it to the farmer’s market this morning. Then maybe go over to Barnes and Nobel so H can pick out another Star Wars book. Maybe a trip to the zoo this afternoon- if I feel like braving the crowd (by which I mean we might actually see other people as we amble through). Just something to keep the boys interested. S works today from 11:30-7, and he’ll probably need to grade after that, so anything I can do to stop H from saying he’s bored is good. Maybe we’ll order pizza or pick up Five Guys. I love to cook, but it’s impossible to enjoy it with C crying at my feet to be held.

I need to remember to go to the store too- we need bananas, apple cider vinegar, and paper towels. I wish Target had fruit, since it is so much more enjoyable to take H there than the grocery store. He is appeased by getting to look down a few toy aisles. No such luck at the grocery store, even though he likes to help pick out and weigh the produce.

Maybe I’ll even get to knit tonight. Or read. Or take a long, hot bath. Or watch the last two episodes of Downton Abbey. Any of those would be nice.

If you had told me 10 years ago that this was going to be my life, I’m sure I wouldn’t quite believe you. Two boys?? Knitting?? A chicken in the backyard? I can picture my life differently, but the only thing I want to change today is to add in some more sleep.

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4 Responses to Rambles

  1. Frambooske says:

    Sounds a bit like my day – but with two chickens and only one boy 🙂 – life does change beyond recognition doesn’t it? My OH is on a stag do all weekend, I’ve been trying to do a bit of spring cleaning and toy sorting – that’s how exciting my life is at the moment ;). Hope you have a relaxed evening and can catch up on some zzz’s!

  2. Kristyn says:

    My hubby and I often comment about how we cannot remember how we used to spend our time before the boy was born. It seems like I should have accomplished a lot ore back then but I didn’t – oh well.

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