These Days (inspired by Soule Mama)

These days…

These days, I am trying to knit more.

These days, I’m looking at C while he crawls around.

These days, I’m watching in amazement when he pulls himself up to the couch and tries to walk around.

These days, I’m thankful that he can’t quite get the hang of that just yet.

These days, I’m wondering where the time goes.

These days, I’m trying to get into the holiday spirit while racking leaves on solstice.

These days, I am eagerly awaiting a quiet Christmas with my boys.

(Started on 11-7, finished 12-21- yep, that is how things are going these days.)

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One Response to These Days (inspired by Soule Mama)

  1. Frambooske says:

    I’m not sure where the time goes either.. Pulling himself up already!
    Enjoy Christmas with your family :)!

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