The Not So Glamourous Life

8-11-11 I’m sitting on the edge of my bed typing on the iPad hoping I don’t wake up C by breathing. I know if I leave the room, I will have 10 minutes, at most, to do whatever before he starts to fuss. I am not used to this. H was such an easy baby for the most part. Something I took advantage of to do things like actually talk to my husband, knit,scratch an itch- all without worrying that the baby would wake up. It has been a particularly hard week though. C got his four month shots, the houses being reinspected before we close, trying to tie up loose ends on the other house we made an offer on and aren’t buying, etc.

C is going through a phase where he wants to nurse all.night.long. It is driving me a wee bit crazy. I love him to pieces, but I also need to not touch anyone for a few hours day. Whoops, tapped too loud….

8-15-11 Taking a few minutes during H’s rest time to finish up. C is having tummy time and scooting around in circles. On Saturday, things went from bad to worse. C decided that he was going to be up from 10:30-3am. And then wake up at 7. And nurse twice (three times?) in between. I was a walking zombie, and I taught a mom and daughter to knit Sunday. Thankfully, he slept well last night. He had a final nap from 6-8 (I tried to get him to hold out, but he just crashed). Then I put him down for the night at 10:30. He did well, only waking up to nurse about three times. And none of the nursings really got either of us up. Small victories! Hopefully, he feels a bit better now, and we’ll start getting some good sleep again. We both could use it.

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