2010 vs 2011 (take one)

Here were my ambitions for 2010:

* Make at least two sweaters for me. I actually accomplished this one.  I knit Mystere and the Dixie Lace Sweater.

* Stop buying one or two balls of yarn at a time.  1500 yards minimum, unless I have a specific project in mind.  Sock yarn is exempt, of course.  Also done.  I stuck mostly to sock yarn, save a few hat/longie/baby sweater projects.

* Finish all the single socks. Nope, not even close.  I think I have 5 single socks now, with 2 of them being added last year.

* Re-sew the curtains for H’s room so they all match. Again, nope.  Just not enough motivation.

* Figure out a system to rate/remember/review recipes. Not really. I need an app for that.  It’s still a combination of old favorites tucked away on recipe cards or cookbooks, my bookmarks on the computer, and my brain.

* Plant a small container garden.  Mostly successful.  The herbs did wonderfully, the beets did not.  Lettuce is still growing.  This was mostly eclipsed by joining the CSA, because there were overflowing veggies all the time.

* Get my hair cut in a salon. Ha! Not even close.  I think my hair might be longer now that it ever has been.

I’m not so sure I’m going to do any resolutions/ambitions/goals for this year.  With a newborn coming I just can’t see it working out real well.  That said, I’m excited for some firsts.  2011 will be the first year we are purchasing a (portion) of a side of beef.  It will be the first year with our 2 boys.  It will be the first year S is officially on tenure track.  And, I’m excited to see what else surprises us in the new year.


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