Socks and a sweater

So, I whipped up some new socks for Steve, just in time for him to not where them for a few months:

Black Friday Socks

These are my own design, Black Friday Socks, and the pattern will be available (again) soon.

I also went to a baby shower last Saturday, so I knit up another version of Henry’s Sweater.  This time in Knitpicks Shine Worsted (a model and cotton blend), using only one contrasting color.  I think it turned out very well.

baby sweater

I’ve still got a bunch of things still on the needles, and maybe one day I’ll remember to take a picture so I can show you.

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4 Responses to Socks and a sweater

  1. Carolina says:


    I adored this pattern, it’s very cute and indeed very boy-ish. I might do this for my little man ^^

    Thank you very much for sharing it!

  2. kala says:

    I love those socks, very nice!

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