radio silence

I guess I was unintentionally going with radio silence there.  Things have been busy here.  I’m in the midst of two weeks of sample knitting, designing, and keeping up with all the other stuff around the house.  Plus, Steve has been home on vacation, and, as nice as it is to have him here, it messes up the flow of my day.  To top things off, H has not been feeling well.  It makes him super clingy.  Not helpful for things you need to do with two hands.  I’ll be playing catch up the next few days.

csa share 5-25 CSA share 6-1-10

In CSA share news, the weekly harvests are a bit small.  We are between the spring and summer growing seasons at the moment.  When we picked up our share this week the rep was saying how they never know what they are going to give us that week.  For instance, she said, “we keep thinking the broccoli is done, but we go out and lo and behold it’s sprouted more.”  I’m not complaining though, I love their broccoli because H gobbles it down.  🙂

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