roving -> 3.5 oz  Blue Moon Fiber Arts 50% merino/50% mulberry silk, Lunasea                                                             

yarn  ->  620 yards of laceweight.  My second single.

Shawl- Citron from Knitty.  Easy enough to knit while watching tv or out with friends, but the rouching helps keep me interested.

I am definitely in a lace mood.  It may or may not have anything to do with the fact that it is in the 80s-90s all the time now, and it’s just not pleasant to knit a sweater or blanket in the heat.  I’ve spun up three different merino/silk laceweight singles in the hopes of creating some shawls (singles because plying silk just seemed wrong to me at the time).  Shawls are good for TX since in the ‘winter’ you don’t really need a lot to keep you warm, and in the summer everyone has the AC cranked up high.

Here’s my shawl short-list:

We shall see if I knit any or all of them.  I think I have enough spun/stashed to actually make all of these, but motivation is a whole other thing.

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3 Responses to evolution

  1. Julie says:

    oh WOW- that yarn looks so beautiful knitted up in the Citron pattern!1 looks like it’s going to be utterly stunning once it’s done.

  2. Jenna says:

    Thanks Julie! I really love how it is striping, but not striped- if that makes sense.

  3. Mom Swa says:

    Nice…very nice…you’re rapidly gaining skill and knowledge of what works and what doesn’t.
    Gotta’ love the striping! Wow…

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