For Posterity

Funny things H is doing lately:

Whenever I sing to him, he claps and says “wow, singing, wow.”

We accidentally bonked heads a few weeks ago, now he’ll (gently) bonk my head and say “bonking the head.” It doesn’t sound as cute written as it is in person.

He makes up little songs and sings them to himself while I’m not paying attention.  For example, we were in Target and he started singing a song to his apple.  “Apple, apple, apple, aaaappppppppllllleeee.”  They are very quiet little songs, and as soon as you comment, he stops singing.

Instead of saying “mwah” or “kisses”, he says “mwaats!” Pockets are pockeys.

Toby is his favorite of all the Thomas engines.  Percy, James, and Emily are also on his list of favorites.

He refers to Steve as “mine papa.”  During the day we will go on hunts for “mine papa” and blow kisses to him if he is at work.

Animals are great.  Every time we get in the car he asks if we are going to see animals.  Oddly, his favorite part of the zoo is walking.  Then the orangutan, then the fish.

He likes ‘maps’.  Maps can be real maps, like from the zoo, or H maps, like the insert that shows all the different kinds of Thomas trains.  He also likes paw prints, which can be real paw prints, the leaves on our rug, chewing gum on the sidewalk, or a variety of other things.

When something is perplexing, he puts his hand to his chin and says, “hmm, tricky.”

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2 Responses to For Posterity

  1. Elli says:

    “Hmmm, tricky” that is so cute. How do you keep from just eating him up?

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