Taking Care of (crafty) Business

I’ve been hard at work drafting up two new sock patterns.

I’m very happy with the way both patterns are turning out, although I wish I had a bigger sock yarn stash (and the ability to knit while sleeping) to knit up several different versions of each sock.  From a pattern picker’s perspective, I like to see patterns on variegated yarns and solids/semi-solids so there is less chance of being surprised when I go to knit.  One will be for sale, the other free.  One has a short-row heel.  Both are top down, but could be converted to toe up fairly easily.

In spinning news, I got a lovely order from Crown Mountain Farms the other day.  I got some of their superwash merino handdyed roving expressly for the purpose of making socks.  I split it in thirds as evenly as I could without a scale, and started spinning.  It is  so, so soft.  It’s also really fun to watch the different colors go on the bobbin (the colors are washed out in the bobbin picture below).

I also ordered some BFL to spin yarn for shorties.  It came white, so I bought some Easter egg dye when it was on clearance.

It went from this:

To this:

I only wish it had a touch more blue.  I guess I didn’t have it laid out quite as evenly as I thought.  🙂

Superwash Merino Hand Dyed Roving
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