spinning catch up

Here’s what I’ve been spinning:

Merino, I think, hand-dyed for my by Studio Avenue Six as a swap present. I’m not sure how much there was, but it spun up into 78 yards of light worsted. There is also a smaller skein that I tried to navajo ply.

Tuscan Grove superwash merino in sweet grape bread. 294 yards of sport weight. I think I’d like to make a baby sweater out of it, maybe. Again, there is a small navajo plied skein of 36 yards.


150 yards of heavy worsted chevoit from Homestead Heritage (a local homesteading community north of Waco).

Tuscan Grove superwash merino in the Garden Maze colorway. 378 yards of fingering weight yarn and 60 yards of navajo plied light worsted. This is destined to be sock yarn.

I think all of the navajo plied skeins will eventually work themselves into a blanket of some sort.

I’ve really been enjoying getting to know my Sonata and perfecting my spinning. It helps that H is content to sit on the floor and watch the wheel spin around and around.

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