2009 Wrap up and 2010 Ambitions


I feel like this has been an incredibly fulfilling, stress filled, but overall happy year.  I’m glad we are wrapping up on positive notes, because it makes the new year so full of excitement and happiness.  When 2009 started I truly believed things would go smoothly, but as usual, fate had a different plan.  It all worked out well, though.  We are all pretty much settled in, and our life in Texas is full of friendship and fun.  There just aren’t enough words to say how happy I am to stay home with H and watch him develop as a little person.  He is so fun to be around, especially now that his language skills are taking off in leaps and bounds.  Just for kicks, here are some quick statistics:

1 cross country move

1 new job for Steve

57 completed knitting projects (wow!  And yes there are only 52 pictures in this set, as some are ‘secret’ and others never got pictures taken.)

first project: Thorpe                                                 last project: striped socks


4 patterns designed by me

many new words for H

18 new trains

many new recipes tried, only two or three real disasters


I’m looking forward to focusing on simplifying my life, spending time with H and Steve, and who knows what else.  Here are a few ambitions (not resolutions- those are too…. resolute.):

* Make at least two sweaters for me.

* Stop buying one or two balls of yarn at a time.  1500 yards minimum, unless I have a specific project in mind.  Sock yarn is exempt, of course.

* Finish all the single socks.

* Re-sew the curtains for H’s room so they all match.

(hmm, these are all crafty….)

* Figure out a system to rate/remember/review recipes.

* Plant a small container garden.

* Get my hair cut in a salon.

Here’s wishing everyone that reads this a safe and happy New Year’s Eve, and peace in the new year.

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4 Responses to 2009 Wrap up and 2010 Ambitions

  1. karen says:

    The Small Object has really great recipe review post its. I think they’re only $5. I got some for my mother for the holidays.

    I definitely agree about only buying significant yarn yardages. Ditto for fabric.

    Hooray for H and his choo choos!

    • Jenna says:

      That may work. My problem is that I print out tons of recipes, but then they get filed away and I don’t remember to look at them. And if I don’t make notes right away, I don’t know if we liked it or not. So then I’m left with two 3″ binders full of recipes that I forget we have.

      The significant yarn yardage shouldn’t be so hard to do now that I don’t have a LYS.

      The trains are amazing. H is occupied for hours at a time! It’s great, even if he does hold me hostage in his room occasionally. At least we have wifi. 🙂

  2. Julie says:

    57 FOs! I’m so jealous and impressed!! Here’s to another knitting-filled year in 2010.

    • Jenna says:

      I know! Who knew I knit that much?? Granted, most of those were pretty small knits, but still. Being a SAHM whose kid lets her knit is pretty awesome.

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