send help or chocolate

I’m stuck in the middle of Christmas knitting.  Even with cutting several planned projects out of my queue I’m still struggling to find the motivation and time to get through the rest.  Plus I need to make more longies for H so I can rotate between two actual fitting pairs (vs the polar bear pair and the pair I sort of shrunk in the laundry).

Here are some random pictures to spice up this post:

Lace ribbon scarf                            New pair of manly socks

versatility (thinking of frogging)    saroyan scarf/shawlette

stripy socks                                       give a hoot mittens

I’m also knitting ornaments for the tree (so far two mini socks, two mini sweaters, a fig, and some cherries) and two Kate kitties (from

Oh, and I posted them on my design blog, but I have a new sock pattern up.

Black Friday Socks

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2 Responses to send help or chocolate

  1. Julie says:

    ooh, that’s a lot of Christmas knitting! Great projects, though. I’m terrible at Christmas knitting- the second I have a deadline for something, I stall. Although I feel a bit misery never giving knitted gifts when everyone knows I knit- your loved ones will be so happy with the results, guaranteed!!

  2. Jenna says:

    Thanks! I usually try to get a better handle on it, but this year I am really in the weeds. 🙂

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