Pattern- Very Chunky Diaper Cover

So, on a whim yesterday I created this diaper cover for someone on Ravelry.  This pattern has not been tested with an actual newborn to check for fit, but I would use a tightly rolled prefold or a fitted diaper to help keep the pee/poo in.

Please let me know if you’d like me to expand on the sizes.

Very Chunky Diaper Cover

(If anyone makes this, and can get a few pics of the cover on an actual baby, please let me know.  Thanks!)

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2 Responses to Pattern- Very Chunky Diaper Cover

  1. Cathy says:

    I actually would love to have some expanded sizes. I made three of them for my son, who is now 1 month old. I just started using the covers about a week and a half ago, and they are fantastic! I had never used wool covers before….I’ve always used FuzziBunz, and I’m pretty impressed with the wool! I have a 2 year old , and I’ve got a skein of the Burly Spun yarn, so I’m thinking I want to make a couple for her, as well. She’s actually on the long and lean side, so it would be nice to have a pattern that could be accommodated for her. Would it be as simple as adding 4 or 5 stitches to the width and a few inches to the length?? I can send you some pics of my son in his cover, if you like…I have the completed project on Ravelry, but I haven’t put any of him in it on there yet. Thanks for such a cute pattern!!!

    • Jenna says:

      Hi Cathy,

      I’m still in the process of working on expanded sizes, it’s kind of low on the priority list. You could measure your daughter’s waist and rise, and extrapolate her size using your gauge.

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