Secret knitting, ‘cooler’ weather, and mommy talk

No pictures today, I used them all up on the last post.  🙂  It doesn’t help that the lace looks about the same, despite having added another repeat and the rest of the knitting is under wraps.  I’m busy working on a few new designs, but it doesn’t make for good blog fodder.

On the up side, it’s only been getting up to the low 90s this week.  I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it feels so nice.  I even turn off the AC and open the doors in the morning to let the breeze in.  The one major downside to this particular house is that all of the windows have been nailed shut and don’t have screens.  It saddens me.  Having the windows open in the spring and fall is like a special treat for me.  Not to mention the cats love it!

And I have a question for those who might read this.  How long would you stick with a parenting method that wasn’t working?  I’ve pretty much abandoned labels for H, and my style of parenting him.  I really wanted to do a lot of Attachment Parenting (AP) stuff with him (co-sleeping, baby wearing, extended breastfeeding), but he had other ideas.  So, I went with what made him a happier baby.  We did a light version of cry-it-out and he was happily sleeping in his bed within two nights.  He would scream if I put him in the sling, so I laid off of it for awhile- then switched to a Moby wrap, which he liked better, and not we don’t use anything.  And, well I would have bf longer if it had been up to me, but it is excruciatingly painful to have your child scream hysterically when you try to feed him for weeks at a time.  I’m happy with my decisions, but I’m genuinely curious about the experiences others have had.

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2 Responses to Secret knitting, ‘cooler’ weather, and mommy talk

  1. karen says:

    A very smart lady told me that you have to be the mother your child needs, not the mother you need (or want to be). Since your child’s needs change, this might mean that your approach changes too. I think that especially with babies and young toddlers, parenting goals are very much a moving target. Another issue is that YOUR needs might change, and you’re a member of the family too…

    For what it’s worth, we also really value AP but wound up doing a modified cry-it-out which I don’t regret at all (also, babywearing kind of goes out the window when you’re pregnant with twins). No idea what will happen with the new babies, but we’ll have AP as our default.

  2. Tanya says:

    Hi Jenna, I wandered over here from Ravelry and really enjoyed this post. As an AP mom I have always thought the whole point was to be responsive to what the baby/child needed and not follow a set of rules. So way to go! Sounds like you are an awesome mommy. Also a kick-ass knitter by the way, I am totally crazy about the shawl you made.

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