We Made It

We made it to Texas.  Just in time for record-breaking heat and several 100+ days in a row!  🙂  The flights were both okay.  H did remarkably well, only crying during take off and landing.  The rest of the time, he watched his portable DVD player (filled with Blue’s Clues and Wonder Pets) and snacked.

He was super excited to see his dada (as was I) and run around the new house.  I’m very lucky, since he seems to love it.  We have had almost no adjustment period and he’s already fallen into his normal schedule nicely.   He even wants to help me clean:

There has been knitting, but not much.  It’s just too hot.  Temps are supposed to dip down into the mid 90s next week, so hopefully that will help.  And I never thought I’d ever write that sentence.  🙂

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One Response to We Made It

  1. karen says:

    Congratulations! The photo of your son sweeping up made me laugh because 1. he’s trying to sweep stuff under an air mattress, which is awesome, and 2. we have pictures of my son doing pretty much the same thing from our first few days in our new house this time last year. It’s amazing how adaptable toddlers are.

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