Knitting update

My knitting has been really off and on lately, but in the past week and a half I’m completed 5 Lizard Ridge squares (no pictures).  Woo woo.  

I’ve also got a few more soakers finished and started.  

And a half of a new pair of socks.  I think I’m going to submit this new one too, but if it is rejected, I’ll offer it up for free.  No pictures of this one either, since it is seeeecret.

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3 Responses to Knitting update

  1. karen says:

    That soaker with the fish is insanely cute. What pattern are you using? Curly Purly? Yours look a lot better than anything I’ve ever made (as in, they might not wind up around your kid’s knees). And do I detect a ball band dishcloth influence in the green soaker (if you don’t know what I mean, just ignore me)?

  2. Jenna says:

    Thanks Karen! Yeah, it’s the curly purly pattern. I’ve had really good luck with that pattern and the Itchy Fingers Soaker pattern. There is a little ball-band-ness going on. Once I blocked it better it definitely looks more turtle shell like. 🙂

  3. karen says:

    Oh I can totally see the turtle thing now. What a cute idea!

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