Mother’s Day v2.0

I don’t know whether my expectations were more in-line with reality this year, but this Mother’s Day was pretty close to perfect.  Maybe I’ve realized in the past year that any holiday with a kid under 5 kind of revolves around them.  Anyway, Steve got up with H so I could sleep in a bit.  They went for a walk while I got up and ready.  Then we went to breakfast at our neighborhood diner.  It was super busy, but since the waitresses know us, they made sure we were taken care of.  Then we went to Target and PetSmart.  H loved PetSmart- there were lots of dogs to chase.  🙂  Steve went to tutor and H and I made some awesome baked penne.  Yum.  Overall, not your stereo-typical Mother’s Day, but just about perfect for me.

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