Two episodes of Wonder Pets later and I’ve manually transferred all of my blogger posts into WordPress.  The auto import was down (and from the help boards, has been since early April).  I was feeling ambitious, so I did it myself.  Since I put my design website on wordpress, I thought it would be easier to maintain both blogs the same place.  

Most of my knitting is boring at the moment.  I finished another soaker. Two more are on the needles.  I thought I was ahead of the game, but when I put the two finished soakers on H, they fit, but aren’t roomy.

There is half of a Leyburn  sock.

Which has been ripped out and reknit since the photograph.  (I made a small error on the first pattern row and it kept bugging me.)

And there were two finished puppets that were sent off to their new owners.
monkey puppet
elephant puppet

The Wonder Pets have saved the day, so I am being pushed off the chair so I can read books.  More later.

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