Tadpoles Sock Pattern

PDF Pattern- Click me

Now available.

For the last few holidays, I’ve tried to focus on giving handmade gifts. But, one of my biggest problems with holiday knitting is that sometimes you have to give a gift still on the needles. I like patterns that are easily memorized, but hold my attention span. I designed these socks so they have an intriguing lace repeat, and are quick to knit.

I like to think that I know my friends and family well enough to give them gifts they will enjoy, but I know that sometimes I miss the mark. Not so with these socks! My friends and family love the undulating pattern. One friend commented that they reminded her of tadpoles swimming through the water. All at once, I was picturing myself knitting by the side cool pond on a hot summer day. Not a bad daydream for the middle of winter.

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7 Responses to Tadpoles Sock Pattern

  1. lisa says:

    I like green color!

  2. craftycarole says:

    love this even though green isn’t my favorite color.. Thanks so much for the pattern!

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  4. AnitaK says:

    Thank you so much for your comment in my blog. I am sorry that the text is in Norwegian only, but my English really sucks so I haven’t got into any English posting… I am a ravelry member, but haven’t added your wonderful pattern yet, but I will! I made a link to your pattern in my post, hope you don’t mind. Anyway, in my Norwegian blog, I tell that I liked your pattern very much, it is easy to memorize and understand, and that I love the colours in the original socks in your blog. Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful pattern, I’ve made to pairs as you can see, in Regia and Sisu. Both pairs using dpn 2,5mm…Love them, Regia for my self and Sisu for someone for Xmas…

  5. Petra says:

    A wonderful pattern. Thank you so much.
    Thanks, Petra

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