Good News/Bad News edition


Good News: I finished my brother’s sweater.

Bad News: I wasn’t 100% happy with how the zipper bands and bottom hem came out.  If you are making Avast, bind off the bands very, very loosely. 
Good News: I blocked the Maja shawl and I love it!  I wish that I had the extra skein or two of yarn it would have needed to be full size, but I can always make another.  

Bad News:  I found huge holes in my jaywalkers after I washed them.  Note to self, do not wear handknit socks with handknit felted slippers.  Time to reknit the heels.

Good News: It’s been over 46 degrees for three days in a row.  This means I can take H outside for walks and exploration time. 
Bad News: I found an eraser in his diaper.  I’m pretty sure he ate it and didn’t just stick it down his pants, but you never know.

(originally published 3/16/2009)

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