busy, busy, bored

So far, March is keeping me on my toes, but also has me bored.   I think H is going to get a bunch more teeth soon, but I always say that and then he doesn’t get teeth for months.  He is in the process (about halfway there) of getting his front, left tooth in.  Teeth are slow moving things in my house.  

What else…
I submitted a sock pattern to Knitty.
I finished my brother’s sweater (it’s blocking, so no pics yet).
I’m about 1/3 through one baby project.
I cast on for another baby project. 
The Maja shawl is blocking, too.
I want it to be warm enough to take H out for walks (low 40s isn’t cutting it).
We are waiting to hear where we will be living next year.  Right now, my husband is position-less (he is a college professor).  Hopefully we will hear something before June.
My brother came to visit last Friday and he’ll be back on Sat.  
There is a sweet contest going on from the peeps over at Phat Fiber.  Check it out here.
I got a skein of Noro in the mail from a Ravelry group random act of kindness.  That ruled.

(originally published 3/12/2009)

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