actual knitting content

I’ve been doing a lot of under the radar knitting, so there aren’t many bloggable pictures.  

Secret item one is completely done and very cute.  I can’t wait to show it to you, but for the moment it is in hiding.
Secret item two is halfway through and I’m pleased with how it is turning out.  I’m hoping to submit it to, which means there can be no pictures until it is either rejected or the issue comes out.  
Non-secret item one is the Maja wrap.  I’m knitting it using Noro Cash Iroha, which is absolutely lovely.  That could be the cashmere and silk though.  I will most likely be short of yarn, but only by one pattern repeat.  
Non-secret item two is the Christmas sweater for my brother.  It’s, uh, taken a bit longer than it should have, but he’s a nice enough guy that it doesn’t seem to bother him.  I’ve replaced the original cable with the one seen below.  I like it much better and I think he will too.  More details on my Ravelry page.

(originally published 2/11/2009)

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