A flash of things to come?


It started when I tried to put H down for an afternoon nap (because although he doesn’t think so, he still needs one).  As per usual, he started making a fuss- shaking the bars of his crib, whining loudly.  But, after a little bit, he quieted down.

I thought he had gone to bed, but apparently not.  

15 minutes later he was super excited, squealing/laughing- definitely not napping.  I went into check on him.  
He had taken off his pants, shimmed off his (poop filled)diaper, and was having fun being half naked in his crib.  I opened the door and he just laughed at me.  🙂  

It wasn’t too bad, all things considered.  None of the stuffed animals were harmed in his hijinks, nor did he take the opportunity to pee.  

I probably would have started laughing too, had I not just washed his linens on Friday.  Sigh, trying to get ahead only results in more work!

(originally published 2/2/2008)

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