up to my eyes in st st


I’m definitely in the Christmas knitting mode.  Every project I’m working on is a present for someone else.  I thought I had a pretty good handle on my gifts, until my 16 yr old sister called and requested a sweater.  Since I can’t resist a teenager asking for handknits, I said yes.  But then I thought it would be unfair if my sister got a sweater and not my brother, so I started a sweater for him.  Why yes, I am a glutton for punishment.  

My sister picked out the House Sweater from Charmed Knits.  It’s been progressing nicely.  I have about 5 more inches than in this photo.  I converted the pattern to the round, since I knew it would go faster that way.  

I didn’t let my brother pick his sweater, I just started on impulse one night.  I chose Avast from knitty.com.  I left off the bottom cable for now, since I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use the cable given in the pattern.  
I still have another tooth to finish, a pair of dashing mitts, another pair of felted clogs, and a sock and a half left to finish before Christmas.  Somehow that looks worse on “paper” than it does in my head.  I also need to knit H another hat and possibly mittens.  Time to get off the computer and knit!

(originally published 11/12/2008)

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