Massive Knitting Update

Nothing like posting everything all at once. Most of these are Christmas gifts, so the descriptions are vague on purpose. I’ve been kind of amazed at my ability to get so much knitting done after H has gone to bed. Normally I feel like I don’t get a lot done, but those rows add up!

First up, Helena from I made the four year old size for a friend’s daughter. Her birthday is in Nov, so this will soon be winging it’s way to North Carolina. Full specs on ravelry.

Then I finally finished up my Pomatomus socks, also from knitty. Details here.

Next, a bear I was making for charity. But when I finished it H grabbed it and hugged it and started laughing. Guess I’ll have to make another for charity.

Then I made Grrr, which turned out more like an orangutan than a lion. Shrug, it is still super cute.

H’s Falling Snow Stocking. Still in progress. I’m planning on making some changes to the foot portion, so that it is all in red. Overall, this is a nice colorwork pattern- fairly easy since I haven’t done fair isle in awhile.

A stuffed tooth. Pretty self explanatory. The pattern could be a bit better written. I’m thinking of making another one and I might tweak the increases/decreases/short-rows. I haven’t decided if I’m going to put a face on it or not.

The unoriginal hat. Such a quick, easy knit with great results. I wish I liked knitting on larger size needles more, because I’d make a whole bunch of these.

Calorimetry two. Had to tweak the pattern so my needles/yarn would come out somewhat similar to the finished measurements.

Finally, the Ilean cowl. Another quick and easy knit. Details here.

I’ve actually got more to blog about, but either they have no pictures or the pictures are on the other computer. Besides, this post is probably long enough as it is. 🙂

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(originally posted 9/12/2008)

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