Artisan Bread- part 2

Jeff Hertzberg (one of the authors of the book) left a comment on my last post and I wanted to address his question regarding knitting and baking.

First off, thanks so much for the comment! I really have been enjoying the book a lot and since we’ve got it, I haven’t needed to buy bread from the store once.

For me, knitting and baking are very similar. They are both crafts where you take very simple things (flour/water and string/sticks) and make incredibly complicated end products. I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I know that I can turn ordinary items into such extraordinary things.

I’m very much a “process” person. Yes, I’m elated when the finished project turns out like I wanted it to in my mind, but most of my enjoyment comes from actually working through the steps. The rest of my enjoyment comes from sharing my rewards with other people. I love baking for people. I always get comments about how much time it takes people or how they could never do x, y, or z. I really don’t buy into that mentality at all. If you have the desire to learn, you will find the time to accomplish anything. And, while I’m not an expert baker or knitter, I do take the time to try to improve my skills when I get the opportunity.

Last , but not least, I think it is important to regain some of those old world skills. I’m very glad for modern inventions, but I think we can’t forget our past. I also try to cook from scratch most days and can food when I’m able. It wasn’t so very long ago that people made all of their own food and clothes. (Plus, in my husband’s mind, we’ll be prepared if the apocalypse comes and we have to live off the land.)

And lastly a super cute picture of H meeting a doggie for the first time:(originally published 7/20/2008)

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