I was going to say someth- Ooh, shiny!


I keep writing posts in my head, but then I get distracted by something else (usually the baby) and forget to write them down.


Like: How it seems so cruel for the gas station at the end of our street to keep up the $3.36/gallon sign when they no longer sell gas.


Like: How I got my hair cut (~15 inches) because it was driving me crazy in the heat, but it is no longer hot,hot,hot outside.


Like: How I’m thinking about going back to work, which is both exciting and terrifying.


Like: How things have gotten much better since my husband now volunteers for baby duty sometimes. And how it is really amusing that H seems to save up his dirty diapers for daddy and has let me off the hook for two whole days. (!)


Like: Sleep training (or whatever you want to call it) is way harder on the mommies than the babies or daddies. That said, knowing that he’ll be in his crib from 9-10 and 1-3 has definite perks; such as eating lunch, writing blog posts, and keeping sane.


In the end though, I will just leave with a cute baby picture:


(originally published 6/20/2008)

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