I thought I’d start off with a cute baby picture. H has been getting more and more enthusiastic about interacting with the camera when I try to get a picture. It is both fun and frustrating.


I’ve been wondering lately about how to manage daddy/H time. Because I’m a SAHM, I feel that the majority of childcare should fall to my shoulders. At the same time, this job doesn’t come with much down time, which could drive me insane pretty easily. I also want to be able to give the husband time “off” once he gets home, because I know that I needed time to decompress after being at work all day.
But how does one balance your partner’s need for down time with your own? I get about 2 hours of “free” time a day during H’s naps. I usually take 45mins to an hour to read blogs and check email. Any other free time goes to doing laundry, cooking, or (in rare cases) cleaning. We’re also back to getting up at least three times during the night, with official wake up time starting at 6:45. I’ve been passing off the baby until 8 or so, which does seem to help.
So, my question is: what baby duties should the non-stay at home person have?


(originally published 5/23/2008)

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