My 1st Mother’s Day

start whine In all honesty, it kind of sucked. H isn’t sleeping well and is having issues feeding well. Steve didn’t have anything planned and had to tutor for a few hours at school. Plus it was a rainy and dismal kind of day. We ended up having Arby’s for dinner, which was okay because I didn’t have to cook it. Chalk this up to one more thing in motherhood that didn’t really turn out like I had expected. I really wish there was a nice picture or card to remember it by, but perhaps it is best that I just let this memory fade. Steve’s parents did send a yarny gift and a Target gift card, which was really nice. Even if the gift card was used mostly to get things we needed for the house and cds for Steve. I did get the Flight of the Concords cd for me and the new BNL kid’s cd for H.whine over.

(Originally published 5/16/2008)

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