one down, one to go

I finished one jaywalker:

It fits a little weird, but it fits, so all is well. It is such an easy pattern to memorize, so it is easy to pick up and put down (important feature with an infant in the house).
I also finished up another pair of longies for Henry.


I dyed the wool with Kool-Aid enhanced with food dye. These are from the Itchy-Fingers Longies Pattern, which is great. I love all the customization you can do and it really flies by.

I’m also working on getting H to sleep in his crib. It goes well one day and then not very well the next several. Today he took a morning nap there, but it was a short one. It seems that he does best if I let him cry (but not too much), rock him and give him the pacifier, and then put him down. Sadly, that doesn’t always work and I can’t figure out why he’ll fall asleep in the crib one time and not another. And he flat out refuses to go to bed in the crib. I’ve tried the dr’s suggestion of putting him down, letting him fuss for 10 minutes, going back to reassure him for a minute, and just repeating that until he falls asleep, but he never actually falls asleep (I did this for over two hours and decided it wasn’t happening). So, if anyone reads and has some tricks, that would be great.

(originally published 4/3/2008)

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