Who Needs Sleep


Last night was hard. It was the first time we attempted to put H in his crib for the night. I tried to go to sleep by myself, but I couldn’t. The 9 weeks since H has been in bed with me, I’ve dreamt of the day when I could stretch out and have the bed to myself. But once it happened, I couldn’t deal with it. I missed him so much. I laid awake for 3 hours listening to the monitor and trying to reassure myself that he was fine and I was paranoid (which I was). It felt so odd to not have him next to me (or in me for that matter). The attempt lasted until 12:30, when he started to stir and I practically ran to get him and bring him back to bed with me.


Sadly, this all meant that I’m trying to function today on even less sleep than normal and H is all messed up and doesn’t want to nap properly today. So, we’re both feeling a little like this:

(originally published 3/29/2008)

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