Starting over

My past blogging attempts have all fallen by the wayside, however, I’m no longer working in an office, so I figured that maybe I might be more diligent now that I’m a sahm. 
It also helps that I’m 99% sure no one reads this anymore, so no pressure, right? 
I guess I’m also craving an outlet for my projects and thoughts, since making friends in Erie hasn’t been the easiest for me. Thank god for the yarn store. I know that to non-knitters, this sounds really geeky/weird, but it is so nice to know that there is a place where you will fit in. Overall, most knitters are really easy going, nice people. 
Motherhood is going well, although it can be extremely frustrating at times. H got his first set of shots on Wed. and I’m sure it was much harder on me than it was on him. He did so good, he only cried for a minute or two, but he did get a little cranky and feverish later in the day. He is working on rolling over. It’s so cute, he gets about half way there and then tips back. 🙂 H also babbles a lot now. He’ll even “sing” along with me when I sing the ABC’s. 

Huh? Why do you have that thing again

Huh? Why do you have that thing again

The knitting has been going well. I was so happy after H was born to get started knitting again. It really helped to make me feel more human again. I started to knit a shawl for a little bit of knitting stimulation, but I haven’t gotten very far since it requires me to be alert while reading the charts. My brain hasn’t been able to handle it lately. My mother-in-law sent some really wonderful yarn for my birthday (socks that rock). I started a pair of Jaywalkers and I’m pleasantly surprised with the lack of icky pooling. I’m not so sure how they’ll fit when they are done, as it is a bit snug to pull on (maybe this means they won’t sag after a few hours of wear?). So, yeah- welcome to the new blog.

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